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Here are some testimonials from clientele of Touch of Health Therapy:


This is "Scooter" with Louanne. Scooter is a very special dog who had a brief adventure in the beginning of his life similar to an "Incredible Journey" . Scooter had been in a "temporary" home as he had wondered away on a "walkabout" The people took good care of him but he suffered an injury from being hit by a farm tractor.

After a year of angst and worry, Louanne and Scooter were reunited. Scooter has gone on to win many championships with Kelly's help on alleviating scar tissue from his injuries. Scooter is so extremely intelligent that he is able to communicate with Kelly exactly where he is hurting. He will often assist Kelly by rolling on his back and stretching over the table to assist with correcting spinal imbalances and restrictions. Working with Scooter is very rewarding and comical as the healing relationship is witnessed.


Amelia Brooks and Lily ( another regular customer of Kelly's practice).