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KnK Ranch

KnK RanchKNK Ranch is the official home for Touch Of Health Therapeutic Massage. A wide variety of treatments are available for a wide variety of customers.

Dogs enjoy stretching their legs and walking the trails with their human companions prior to their treatments. Horses are treated in our indoor arena.

The ambiance of the treatment room for people allows them to take a deep breath and let go of their worries as they relax into the soft table and cozy atmosphere.

Whether the client has 2 legs or 4, Kelly does her best to customize and treat the ailments of each individual client by pulling from her years of experience and training. KNK Ranch is a healing place for people and animals. At KNK you can take a breathe and relax. Laughter and smiles happen often as you watch the joy emanating from the many critters of the farm.

Chava Sioux, A Foundation Appaloosa mare proudly acknowledges that she is the start of the ranch. Ace, the 16 year old cat would disagree, saying that he is. Kelly and her husband Kris continue to put many hours of work into "fixing up" the farmstead.

The Ranch's Energy

The Ranch has great energy on it. It is loaded with fruit trees and bushes throughout the land. The energy it emits is of peace and love.

Therapies are also offered on the Healing Hill where you are surrounded by Cypress trees and wild sage, As you enjoy the fresh air and scenery under the shade of the gazebo, you sigh with relief knowing this is a safe place to "let go" of your emotions and allow your body to truly heal.

On the Healing Hill you can laugh, cry, scream and know it is safe to just "be". Truly, this is a wonderful spot for centering. Many clients enjoy going here after a session to finish the process of healing that was started in the treatment room.

The Treatment Room

The treatment room is in the old 1923 farm house. The house emits the energy of love, safety and family. The room was originally the first owners main bedroom. From there, it became the family room were laundry and cuddling on the couch and watching tv happened. It is now the main healing space of the ranch.