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Horse Boarding

KnK Ranch Currently has 2 openings for pasture boarding.

Pasture boarding at KnK Ranch far surpasses most typical boarding arrangements. Kris and Kelly both work hard at keeping the horses happy and healthy. As you enter the ranch's archway, the first thing you notice is how truly happy and loved the animals of KnK Ranch are.

Pasture boarding includes shelters and placement with horses to where they will adapt to their new family herds. The horses are checked daily as they are fed PROGRESSIVE FEED to meet their nutritional requirements. Horses are brushed weekly and are checked for any injuries or changes in thier condition daily. Each horse also has their hoofs picked and checked. The horses have access to water, shelter, salt and mineral blocks as well as pasture and/or hay.

Seriously, how many facilities take the time to brush your horse and curry and check for illnesses or injuries? KnK Ranch is one of the few.

Boarders at KnK Ranch enjoy access to the indoor and outdoor arena and over an hour of riding trails. The trails weave through the woods and meadows of KnK Ranches 60+ acre. There are also miles of gravel road to ride and drive on with the majority of traffic being very conscious careful neighbors. We are at an easy, nice location centrally located between the Twin Cities and Rochester and Red Wing and Northfield.

Proximity to State Trails

KnK Ranch is also only a short drive from 2 very nice state trails. Boarders enjoy the quick jaunt down to Hay Creek or hopping the side roads for a 40 minute drive to Zumbro Bottoms.

Future amnemities will include lodging for boarders to have slumbers with their equine companions to truly appreciate the beauty and wonderful energy the ranch has. The old Grainery has started the construction for this purpose.

Equine Massage Available

The horses here also benefit from the Equine Massage courses Kelly offers. They are treated two days at a time and really benefit from the treatments.