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Equine & Canine Massage

Utilizing all of her training techniques, Kelly incorporates all of her skills to customize individual treatments to suit the animals needs. She then shows the client a treatment program for their animal's healing process to continue on their own at home.

While Kelly specializes in horses and dogs, she has been known to utilize her training for the occasional cat or Cow. "Moo Therapy" has become very sought after for the show quality heifers and steer.

Kelly often will draw in the muscles on her equine demos so you can see Muscles in Motion and understand the structural make-up of the horse to assist in correcting  muscle imbalances. Breeze models her visible muscles proudly.

Breeze Muscles

Canine and Equine  Classes are available upon request. If you are interested in having a class, please contact Kelly and she will contour the class to meet your specific needs.

Equine Myofascial Therapy 

As in humans, the tightening of the fascial system is a protective mechanism in response to trauma.  This trauma may arise from an acute injury like a tendon strain, chronic compensatory muscular work, or repetitive injury from poor training techniques.

The fascia loses its pliability, becomes restricted, and is a source of tension for the rest of the body.  This loss of pliability becomes restricted is further exacerbated by an inflammatory process.  The ground substance solidifies, the collagen becomes dense and fibrous, and the elastin loses its resiliency.  These fascial restrictions slowly affect the quality and quantity of motion available to the horse

Over time this can lead to poor muscular biomechanics, altered structural alignment, and decreased strength and endurance.  This tightening will also produce overuse muscular compensations.  Resultant is decreased performance and functional capacity of the horse.

Animal  Fascial Anatomy

The fascia is a tough connective tissue that spreads throughout the boey in a three-dimensional web from head to hoof without interruption. The fascia surrounds every muscle, bone, nerve, blood vessel and organ, all the way down to the cellular level.

Fascia at a cellular level, known as ground substance,creates the interstitial spaces and functions to support and protect the cell, separate cell from cell, and allow cellular metabolism, respiration, and elimination. In other words, it is the immediate environment for every cell in the body.

The fascial system has three basic components: ground substance as mentioned above, collagen, and elastin. Generally, the fascial system is one of support, stability, and cushion, forming ligaments, tendons, and fascial sheaths. It is also a system of locomotion and dynamic flexibility forming muscle.

Rates for Equine & Canine Massage

Equine Sports Massage = $120.00 + mileage
Canine Sports Massage = $35.00