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Kelly Norman, CMT

Helping people and animals comes naturally to Kelly. She has honed her talents with many hours of specialized skills training. Growing up, Kelly massaged family, friends and many animals. She loved how it could take people's stress away and bond her closer with the animals.

In college, Kelly worked 3 years in Athletic Training and treating injuries. During this time, she found that massage actually would heal the injury site faster than the more traditional approach of ultrasound and interferential. This is where she took her step to pursue her lifelong love for massage and started her training with Sister Rosalind Gefre's School of Professional Massage.

Treating injuries with sports would have its slow moments, so Kelly completed her training through Gold Cross Ambulance to be an EMT and later volunteered for the Cannon Falls Ambulance service. In 1997, Kelly pursued her career in EMS and began to work for North Memorial Ambulance Service and still continues today. In addition, Kelly is actively involved on the Sheriff's Mounted Posse of Goodhue County, an organization which supports local law enforcement with Search and Rescue, security and public relations.

As you can see by the picture below, Massage Treatments are genetically passed down generations. What a wonderful gift to pass along, especially after a long day as you receive the unconditional love from the true inner beauty of your daughter. How blessed that God chose her for me! She is not only my sweet angel from above, but sure proof that Myofascial Release can truly get rid of scar tissues so that miracles can be born!

Kelly getting help with her massage

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